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Elgin DS™, a car design agency focused on brand awareness, helps stimulate concept-car proliferation and online visibility. Boosting the brand’s marketing potential is the art and science of design, yet the brand’s insider think-tanks tend to follow two basic creeds: “Design is a key sales factor” and “PR starts with a tangible brand promise”.


New concept cars, which are lodged in the customer’s perception via motor shows and media, are the top-end samples of tangible brand promise. Exhibiting Innovation is gaining the consumers’ minds – a route that relies on the brand’s design impetus and ability to produce new and stunning artefacts.

Elgin DS™ unveils a new 3D design super-execution platform bound to the development of the brand’s new functional and emotional qualities, and capable of delivering tangible design concepts quickly. Not only does it prompt the consumers to experience some fresh product values, but it also thrives as both a means toward the brand’s creative research and cutting edge marketing device.

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Following the Tech Wave

We compile Win Techs Club®  blog, a progressive networking hub on design, business and the emergence of the new tech culture. Elgin DS, by examining the most significant changes that have occurred in car design methods so far, sheds new light on the design’s contemporary role, know-how innovation and the brand’s marketing strategies.

Featuring: McLaren – the ultimate Design Spirit

light-weight McLaren super-series 675 LT


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