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Digital design in the car sector is what nowadays turns the brand’s innovative ideas into reality, and what thrusts them into the product range. New look, new design language and exclusive surface treatment are the qualities that prevail within the approach. It is a process that starts with the new product’s design brief and puts a range of modelling and engineering means at the disposal of design groups, aiming at quick-witted conceptual research and speedy product definition. Hence, it is a process with well-established technical procedures.



That is at least the image and attitude of the foremost brand’s achievers. New design projects, however, are usually limited by time wherein the performance can often go dim, either due to the failure to produce a commercially valid solution on time or due to a scattering of programme purposes. So, what can be done to help improve that performance?

Temporary failure at the automotive design has its positive sides . It’s a learning episode, just as much as the routine production of concept cars is, which, as a rule of thumb, are designated for the storage shelve. However, at a flag-car design-intent, there are certain requirements to be pre-set. The goal is to inject a new functional and emotional quality into the brand’s experience as well as bring a new value to its customers. It means the design groups must come up with a fresh iconic look and character for their product range. The new vehicle’s DNA should then aim at a target and should feel the Top Art.


Muse a means of expression

Beyond the technical deliverables and a brand’s promotional merits there is an artistic challenge to contend with. It’s a mission that by far plays a leading role in the whole program, and duly requires the state of the art tools and resources.  

The designer’s input toward new stunning style is surely built around an innovative idea, but evolves in one substantial focal point, in the most inspiring car design environment – namely Digital Modelling. Digital modelling, due to the ease of how the forms can be created and how they can be reviewed and assessed, is a route that enables the big picture outlook right from start. It also offers a vital exploratory potential. The form-finding action there is produced by a team effort and the team peers. It’s where the designer’s ideas are shared and materialized in a form of math surface models. The next level of creativity can be instantly triggered there, resulting in a highly sought-after variety of design options.

Digital Styling, otherwise called Creative Surface Modelling, or Freedom Surface Modelling rely on the use of software in which the modelling tools are mostly inherited from technical surfacing. These tools, to produce integrally aesthetic digital-design models, require both the intuitive styling skills and cutting edge modelling techniques. Jointly, however, these abilities are recognized as a high class performing resources.  

In digital modelling, the emphasis should not be diverted to any surfacing issues as such. The focus should be on design, whilst the high-class car body sculpture should really come as a by-product of the modeller’s surfacing routine.


Spotlight actions

Digital modelling is an art of storytelling that unfolds by shaping the new vehicle’s character and motion. It’s where designer’s voice will inspire. Every great design starts with an even greater idea behind it. The idea will evoke a unique effect on the chic. It’s a tale of reasons and resulting forms – functional, animated and easy-to-read, hence potentially rousing and fascinating. The top performance looms if such a status becomes apparent, and an array of design proposals can be seen in the team’s work theatre.

As the contemporary design targets are getting more and more demanding, the right assemblage of resources is of a paramount importance. The synergy of skills and motivations within the team is central to gaining both the artistic edge and technical productivity. Design vision and the push for momentum may still add to a more complete thrill in the modern scenery of design execution.

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