Elgin DS™ is one of a few external companies that pioneered a high-speed modelling system, embedding both the artistic and engineering endeavours in an integral approach. Elgin’s digital-modelling techniques, which were destined to capture the design intent and facilitate multiple concept reviews at first, seamlessly coped with the succeeding design scenarios, all the way through to the project release for production.

Elgin’s founders envisioned the incorporation of end-to-end digital design as a means of faster decision-making. From sketch modelling through to the final design touches, Elgin brings a big picture insight into the performance, which translates into savings in time and resources.

Today, Elgin embarks on over 15 years of project execution experience from its founders. A holistic approach to product design, enterprise-wide process integration, and cutting-edge use of new technologies is what makes Elgin’s services far-reaching and unique.

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