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3D design studios help create the key car design properties, namely new concept car models and lifestyle gadgets. The  concept-to-product process, carried out end-to-end directly in 3D, is a hot and rare specialty. Those who master the skills work together with renewed OEM design groups and supply digital modelling in the capacity of design execution, process management and product launch support.

Looming shortage of skills, now apparent throughout the shift into younger generation, prompts us to bring an interactive Web-Log blog, to deliver some insight into new compelling tech, and the expanding tech-culture.

Other, non-automotive business areas might be experiencing a similar kind of talent challenge. We invite collaboration from the business leading fields, and their respective leaders, to join and contribute with their tech-promoting inputs.

Featuring McLaren 675LT

Superb Grip – Superb Aerodynamics, the 675LT series

We will be compiling some insider’s gripping reports on McLaren and other automotive OEM brands. But first, let us start with some car-design background and the tech-evolution stories. Just check the blog on your way.


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