The Melt-zone Hints

Digital Design in the automotive sector is currently thriving as both an artful car body sculpting capacity and a powerful process integration device. It delivers multiple concepts to the design reviews quickly and offers a chorus of new qualities, not to mention an increased design creativity, faster synergy with product engineering and new and ingenious project management possibilities.


Capture new potential

Whilst the objective is to lift a new and greater product into the market, the ability to harness that creative potential is a wide-ranging challenge that evidently stretches from product conception and the design freeze all the way through to an effective product launch strategy. It involves director-level audience and decision making. But it is a challenge worth meeting as it offers an unmatched digital surfacing capability and new holistic project execution.


Boost the brand’s qualities

The process, being primarily focused on the brand’s genuine design, will likely start with an idea behind the design and include market research and a marketing plan as well as product ideation and digital form finding. These activities are best performed whilst grouped in an explicit design approach and brainstormed towards a new product marketing campaign. Whilst the verbal conception helps uncover the brand’s new functional and emotional qualities, digital modelling translates that inspiration into 3D.


Go beyond the antiquated procedures

Digital design execution is a leading way toward timely concept attainment as well as its assessment and approval. Such a cross-functional modelling platform will duly deliver relevant milestones and facilitate timely product engineering. It will help produce stunning visualisation images, stimulate marketing campaigns on social media, and assist digital modelling managers in originating quick integrations of the entire design and product launch processes.


Take the gain

Whilst streamlined project execution contributes to both a superior design quality and faster time-to-market, the strategy will ultimately imprint the brand’s new values through the design communication means.  It will advocate its new and better output, and further raise the brand’s awareness on the market.

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